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  • Closed the sale of 10 Jones Act tanker to funds managed by U.S. based Maritime Partners for a total consideration of USD 746.7 million
  • Announced the sale of Normand Maximus for USD 177.5 million to be contributed in kind against a substantial shareholding in Solstad Maritime Holding AS


  • Acquisition of the subsea construction vessel, Normand Maximus for USD 157 million funded with USD 110 million secured loan, proceeds from an equity private placement and cash on hand adding USD 151.5 million in contracted lease backlog
  • Issued 11.2 million new shares in a private placement raising USD 37.6 million net proceeds
  • Employed three U.S. Jones Act tankers to a new counterparty for AMSC, securing almost USD 90 million in contracted lease backlog
  • OSG elected to extend six vessels for three years, adding almost USD 160 million in contracted lease backlog


  • Closed USD 20 million unsecured bond tap issue
  • Increased quarterly dividends by 20% supported by company’s free cash flow
  • OSG elected to extend two vessels for three years and redeliver three vessels in December 2022


  • Closed USD 305 million senior secured financing for 9 ships with maturity in 2025
  • Closed USD 200 million unsecured bond with maturity in 2025


  • Philly Tankers AS dissolved with USD 16.3 million received of total of USD 28.8 million in total after-tax proceeds
  • OSG elected to extend four vessels for 3 years increasing AMSC’s charter backlog


  • OSG elected to extend all nine vessels up for renewal, effectively increasing AMSC’s average bareboat charter duration to 3.5 years


  • Raised USD 220 million senior unsecured bond used to refinance the outstanding bond with maturity in February 2018
  • Received USD 12.5 million in distributions from Philly Tankers from its sale of all four product tanker newbuild contracts


  • First Philly Tankers newbuild contract and related assets sold to subsidiaries of Kinder Morgan


  • Refinancing of secured vessel debt completed with USD 450 million in new secured debt
  • Philly Tankers secured long-term time charters on its first two ships, declared its two options with Philly Shipyard and entered into an agreement to sell all four tanker contracts upon delivery to a subsidiary of Kinder Morgan, Inc. for a total consideration of USD 568 million
  • Quarterly dividend growth of 3% over 2014 and guided on 15% dividend growth for 2016


  • Effective 5 August 2014, OSG emerged from bankruptcy and all of AMSC’s contracts with OSG were assumed and accepted.
  • In July, AMSC made its first quarterly dividend distribution of USD 0.10. AMSC expects to continue paying regular quarterly dividends and aims to grow the dividend distribution over time, as the company’s cash flow improves.
  • Invested in Philly Tankers AS, together with key financial investors, to build two product tankers at Aker Philadelphia Shipyard, to be delivered in Q3 2016 and Q1 2017, for operations in the Jones Act market.


  • Completed a major recapitalization of the Company (January 2014) including USD 120 million private placement, conversion of subordinated debt to equity and amendments to vessel debt and bond loan
  • Negotiated agreement with OSG for conversion of one of the ten product tankers into a shuttle tanker for a long term time charter with Shell
  • OSG remained in Chapter 11; all charter hire payments were made in accordance with the bareboat charter agreements


  • Negotiated extension of maturity of vessel debt to June 2016
  • Achieved bareboat charter extensions with OSG to December 2019
  • OSG filed for Chapter 11 bankruptcy protection


  • Took delivery of final product tanker in build series with AKPS
  • Extended maturity of the NOK bond for 6 years
  • Maintained ongoing compliance with conditions of OSG Settlement


  • Took delivery of two product tankers
  • Sold second shuttle tanker contract to OSG


  • Finalized settlement agreement with OSG that settled all commercial disputes between the companies
  • Took delivery of two additional tankers; sold first of two shuttle tanker contracts to OSG


  • Aker ASA reduced its ownership interest to 19.9% in compliance with U.S. Jones Act foreign ownership restrictions
  • Name changed from Aker American Shipping ASA to American Shipping Company ASA. Trading ticker also changed from AKASA to AMSC
  • Took delivery of two more product tankers


  • Obtained take-out financing for the ten vessels and issued NOK 700 million bond for investments in vessels and operations
  • Split of Aker American Shipping’s ship owning operations from its ship building operations, establishing Aker Philadelphia Shipyard ASA (AKPS)
  • Took delivery of the first three product tankers


  • Closed a ten ship bareboat charter agreement with Overseas Shipholding Group, Inc. (OSG) and placed corresponding ten ship order at Philadelphia Shipyard
  • Aker American Shipping ASA (AKASA) established, Philadelphia Shipyard acquired and company listed on Oslo Stock Exchange.