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American Shipping Company ASA’s focus is on building a premier ownership position in the Jones Act market to create maximum value for its shareholders. Good corporate governance will help to reduce risk and ensure sustainable value creation.

The Board of Directors of American Shipping Company ASA has reviewed and updated the Company’s principles for corporate governance. The Board’s statement of corporate governance is included in the annual report. The principles are based on the Norwegian Code of Practice for Corporate Governance, dated 30 October 2014 (the “Code of Practice”), the principles set out in the Continuing Obligations of stock exchange listed companies from the Oslo Stock Exchange, and the relevant Norwegian background law such as the Norwegian Accounting Act and the Norwegian Public Limited Liability Companies Act. The Code of Practice is available at and the Continuing Obligations of stock exchange listed companies may be found at The principles also apply to American Shipping Company ASA’s subsidiaries where relevant.

The following presents American Shipping Company ASA’s practice regarding each of the recommendations contained in the Code of Practice. Any deviations from the recommendations are found under the item in question. In addition to the Code of Practice, the Norwegian Accounting Act § 3-3b stipulates that companies must provide a report on their policies and practices for corporate governance either in the annual report or in a document referred to in the annual report. This report is integrated in this corporate governance statement.

Nomination Committee

American Shipping Company ASA’s Articles of Association provide for a Nomination Committee composed of a minimum of two members who are elected by the General Meeting.

The Nomination Committee is responsible for nominating the shareholder-elected members of the Board of Directors. The Nomination Committee of American Shipping Company ASA comprises the following members: Charlotte Håkonsen (Chair) and Ingebret G. Hisdal.

Shareholders who would like to contact American Shipping Company ASA’s nomination committee can do so via Charlotte Hå